Courses I teach:
“Abnormal Psychology”; “Evolutionary Studies Seminar”; “Evolutionary Psychology”;  “Personality and Psychotherapy”;  “Clinical Psychology and Counseling”;  “Social Psychology”; “History and Systems of Psychology”; ”Seminar in Psychology: The Biopsychology of Eros”; “Psychology of Women”; and “General Psychology” with an evolutionary psychological lens.
I’m the founder and Editor-in-chief of “The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture” and the founder and editor of “Entelechy: Mind & Culture.” Both journals bridge the arts and humanities with science, particularly evolutionary theory. I’m also the author of Trine Erotic, an evolutionary psychological novel that’s been used in various college courses nationwide.
Academic interests:
Ecopsychology, evolutionary psychiatry, cardiac psychology, literary Darwinism, evolutionary feminism, mental fitness indicators, neuroethology, brain laterality, endocrinology, epigenetics, neuropsychoanalysis,  social neuroscience.

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