I wrote screenplay adaptations for a couple of novels by bestseller Trevanian, but none were produced, thanks to negotiation breakdowns and production company implosions. For one contract, I had to rewrite The Summer of Katya to fit an Argentine setting (planned for actor Jimmy Smits), instead of the French one in the original, and discovered just how loosely locale and plot are tied.

I almost hit the big time with a script for Shibumi, but Trevanian pulled out of the film deal with Steven Seagal, because he didn’t want his name attached to another Hollywood action figure, like Clint Eastwood in the Eiger Sanction. Ironically, a prequel to Shibumi titled Satori (written by Don Winslow) may soon be made into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here’s the story on the new film deal for Satori.

I’ve written screenplays for production companies in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Buenos Aires, but never laughed more than while co-writing a script with B. Kim TaylorSteven Fechter is another favorite screenwriter and playwright well worth checking out.

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