In addition to articles for Kidliterati, I write book reviews at BookLikes.

And for some insight into what stellar teachers do, check out these Alumni Spotlight articles I wrote for the School of Education Newsletter:
Stephanie Musial     Jordan David Simons     Gregory Raymond     Samrat Pathania

In turn, an art teachers’ association interviewed me to shed light on the murky pathway to teacher certification.

What do The Gipsy Kings and Ravi Shankar have in common? I’ve written biographical articles on musicians in the world music genre for Contemporary Musicians: Profiles of the People in Music published by Gale. Two of the entries are available on-line:

Ravi Shankar & The Gipsy Kings

I sharpened my editorial skills at Time-Life, McGraw-Hill, and several other publishing companies in Manhattan. In one of life’s full circles, I edited the teacher’s editions to several textbooks before I became an advisor to students majoring in teacher education: Adventures in Time and Place

While working in educational publishing, I had a dream come true for my fascination with maps: the chance to edit a globe (albeit an inflatable one.) Hard to believe, but it’s still for sale:

Go ahead and blow up your world, so to speak:

Da Chen and Wendy Vierow are two of my favorite non-fiction writers.

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