I’m a level II qigong instructor, certified by the Tai Chi & Qigong Healing Institute, and have practiced several forms for over 20 years. I teach qigong classes and meditation on weekend retreats, at SUNY New Paltz, and for the O+ Festival.

Qigong is an ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that naturally heals the body, balances the emotions, sharpens the mind, and raises consciousness. Qigong means “energy work” and is a Body-Mind-Spirit wellness system that combines Posture, Breathing, Meditation, Visualization, Movement, and Self-massage to achieve optimal health.

Depending on our circumstances, habits, and reactions to life, we have the ability either to gain or lose life energy or Qi, a psychophysical concept for the source and flow of energy inside us and around us.

A regular practice of qigong restores our natural health, spiritual flow, and mental awareness and harmonizes body, spirit, and mind. This balance of being energetic, in the zone, and lucid is considered the foundation of a lasting healthy life in qigong.

The Qigong Smile T-shirts are in!

You can choose from the colors of the Three Treasures and Small, Medium, and Large in sizes. If you’d like one, you’re welcome to email me at qigongsmile[at]gmail[dot]com





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