Reconstructing a trophic cascade – new paper in Inland Waters

I am pleased to announce our new publication in Inland Waters titled: “Reconstructing a trophic cascade following unintentional introduction of golden shiner to Lake Minnewaska, New York, USA”. The abstract and full article are available online ( ¬†The paper details the ecosystem effects of an unintentional introduction of fish in Lake Minnewaska, one of the Sky Lakes on the Shawangunk Ridge.


There were 3 undergraduate co-authors, David Charifson, Valerie Stanson, and Erich Stern, all graduates from the biology department¬† and all three were summer SUNY New Paltz Research, Scholarship, and Creative Arts Summer Undergraduate Research Experience students (David in ’12, Erich in ’13, and Valerie in ’14) with me. They continued to work on the project well after their summer experience was over and even post-graduation.
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