About Me

CUNY 2015 1a

I am a Professor in the Psychology Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz. I earned my Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Bowling Green State University in 1998.

Current Scholarship

In my research lab, the Positive Play Lab, my team and I study play, playfulness, and gaming in adults. My research and scholarly interests primarily revolve around the study of games as they relate to social interaction, well-being and other aspects of positive psychology. My research team and I have designed non-digital games and have studied various aspects of board game experiences.

Past Scholarship

I have also been active in the area of humanitarian work psychology. Ishbel McWha, Mary O’Neill Berry and I have recently edited a book on the application of humanitarian work psychology to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals which you can see here.

Finally, I spent much of my early career studying overqualification, underemployment and marginalization. My work on this topic has appeared in a variety of journals, including the Journal of Organizational Psychology, Applied Psychology: An International Journal and the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. In 2011, I co-edited a book with Daniel Feldman (University of Georgia) entitled Underemployment: Psychological, Economic and Social Challenges

Publications in other areas of research have appeared in the journals Human Performance, Organizational Research Methods and Teaching of Psychology. 


I primarily teach courses in introductory psychology, statistics, seminars on gaming and positive psychology, and industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology.

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