Humanitarian Work Psychology

Humanitarian Work Psychology or HWP is a new field devoted to the application of the science and practice of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology to the enhancement of human welfare worldwide.

To learn more about humanitarian work psychology, please visit the website of the Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology (GOHWP), a new organization devoted to the promotion of this movement, or sub-discipline, or whatever it is we are. I am currently the Vice Chair and web manager for GOHWP.

I have recently co-edited a volume with my colleagues Ishbel McWha and Mary O’Neill Berry on how I-O psychology has and can continue to support global development such as the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Humanitarian Work Psychology and the Global Development Agenda:
Edited by Ishbel McWha-Hermann, Douglas C. Maynard, and Mary O’Neill Berry


You may also be interested in a recent book on the subject, edited by Stuart Carr, Malcolm MacLachlan, and Adrian Furnham.

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