Projects and Team

Current Projects

  • This semester (Spring 2014), we are exploring the game design process by creating a tabletop game revolving around the theme of a snowball fight.
  • In February of this year, we participated in the Spring 2014 Marist GameJam and, in collaboration with several Marist students, designed a cooperative puzzle tabletop game.

Our Research Team

Doug Maynard

DCM small

See About Me to learn about my scholarship and teaching interests. I am interested in exploring how games can foster learning both in and outside of educational settings and the benefits of board games in general and cooperative gaming in particular. I enjoy a variety of tabletop games, especially role-playing games (e.g., Pathfinder) and cooperative games (e.g., Pandemic). On the digital side, I appreciate good adventure games, especially those with an engaging narrative (e.g., Grim Fandango, Dreamfall).

Caitlin Hoben


Caitlin is currently an undergraduate student in the industrial and organizational psychology concentration at SUNY New Paltz.

Lauren Handy


Lauren is a second year Master’s student in the Psychology program. While being in the lab, she is also working on her thesis looking at frustration being a moderating variable between violent video games and aggression.


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