Ecology and Ecophysiology of Old-Growth Trees and Forests

Wildfire responses and tree longevity in old-growth
ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir forests. (Keeling, 2009)

Components of tree resilience: effects of successive low-growth episodes in old ponderosa pine forests.  (Lloret et al. 2011)

Conflicting functional effects of xylem pit structure relate to the growth-longevity trade-off in a conifer species (Roskilly et al. 2019)

Fire Ecology

Effects of fire exclusion on forest structure and composition
in unlogged ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir forests (Keeling et al. 2006)

Interactive effects of historical logging and fire exclusion on ponderosa pine forest structure in the northern Rockies (Naficy et al. 2010)

Lack of fire has limited physiological impact on old-growth ponderosa pine in dry montane forests of north-central Idaho (Keeling et al. 2011)

Changing growth response to wildfire in old-growth ponderosa pine trees in montane forests of north central Idaho (Keeling & Sala, 2012)

Wildland Conservation & Management

Wilderness in the 21st Century: A Framework for Testing Assumptions about Ecological Intervention in Wilderness Using a Case Study of Fire Ecology in the Rocky Mountains (Naficy et al 2015)

Cliff Ecology/Northern Mixed-Hardwood Forests

Divergent tree communities across ridge, cliff and talus relate to an association between diaspore weight and micro-topography at Mohonk Preserve, NY. (Keeling & O’Connell, 2018)

Bird Communities at the Suburban–Rural Interface:  The Role of Low-intensity, Small-scale Urbanization (Belinsky et al. 2019)

Global Change and Plants

Plant community composition, tree physiology, and bark-beetle mortality in
relation to open and enclosed irrigation channels: a case study within a
wildland-urban interface forest in western Montana. (Keeling, 2018 )

Environmental literacy & Education research

Improved Student Reasoning About Carbon-Transforming Processes Through Inquiry-Based Learning Activities Derived from an Empirically Validated Learning Progression (Schramm et al. 2017)

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