Click on the following links for materials from courses that I am currently teaching and courses that I have taught in the past.

Summer 2020

Evolution and the Human Condition (for students of Chongqing University of Education)

Evolutionary Psychology PSY 307

SEMINAR / Special Topics: Positive Evolutionary Psychology PSY 493

Spring 2020

Evolutionary Studies Seminar EVO 301

Statistics for Psychology PSY 275

Winter 2019/2020

Psychology of Personality PSY 313

Evolutionary Psychology PSY 307

Fall 2019

Evolutionary Psychology (PSY 307)

Advanced Research in Evolutionary Psychology (PSY 493)

Summer 2019

Evolution Course for students of Chongqing University of Education

Study Abroad Course, Evolution and the Human Condition, for New Paltz students studying in Chongqing

PSY 307, Evolutionary Psychology (online)

PSY 498, Seminar in Psychology (Positive Evolutionary Psychology; online)

Spring 2019

Research Practicum

Graduate Seminar: Contemporary Research in Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Studies Seminar

Winter 2018/2019

Psychology of Personality

Evolutionary Psychology

Fall 2018

Evolution and the Human Condition

Statistics for Psychology

Summer 2018:

Summer 2018; Evolution at CQUE

Summer 2018; Evolutionary Psychology (PSY 307)

Summer 2018; Positive Evolutionary Psychology (PSY 493)

Spring 2018:

Evolutionary Psychology


Evolutionary Studies

Winter 2017/2018:

Psychology of Personality (PSY 313)

Fall 2017:

Evolution and the Human Condition (Florida Atlantic University)

Summer 2017:

EvoS Seminar (online)

Spring 2017:

Evolutionary Studies Seminar

Winter 2016/2017:

Psychology of Personality; Syllabus

Fall 2016:


Summer 2016:

Spring 2016:

Evolutionary Studies Capstone (equivalent to EVO 301, Evolutionary Studies Seminar)

Winter 2015/2016:

Psychology of Personality

Fall 2015:

Evolutionary Psychology

Summer 2015:

Introductory Psychology (online)

Evolutionary Studies Seminar (online)

Spring 2015:

Evolutionary Studies Seminar

WINTER 2014/2015:

Personality Psychology (online)

Fall 2014


Summer 2014

EvoS Seminar Online

Spring 2014

EvoS Seminar

Fall 2013

Evolutionary Psychology

Summer 2013

EvoS Seminar Online

Spring 2013

Research Methods


Fall 2012

Evolutionary Psychology

Summer 2012

EvoS Seminar Online

Spring 2012

EvoS Seminar

Evolution and the Human Condition (Honors)

Fall 2011

Evolutionary Psychology

Summer 2011

EvoS Seminar Online

Spring 2011

Evolutionary Studies Seminar

Fall 2010


Links to my classes prior to Fall 2010 – variously arranged!
General Psychology
Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) Seminar Series (EVO 301)
Statistics (80275)
Research Methods (PSY 311)
Social Psychology (80306)
Personality Psychology (80313)
Graduate Statistics (i.e., Design and Analysis of Experiments; 80551)
Graduate Social Psychology (80556)
Teaching Practicum
Independent Study
Evolutionary Psychology
Psychological Underpinnings of Terrorism

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