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Glenn GeherGlenn Geher is Professor of Psychology as well as Founding Director of Evolutionary Studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Glenn has taught several courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels – including Statistics, Social Psychology, and Evolutionary Psychology – and has won the New Paltz Alumni Association’s Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, along with Chancellor’s Awards for both Teaching and Research Excellence from the State University of New York. First and foremost, Glenn is a teacher, and his primary goal is to educate and support his students and work to facilitate their success as they develop across their careers.

Glenn’s publications generally address two broad themes – the interface of human mating and cognitive processes (mating intelligence) along with the state of Evolutionary Psychology within the landscape of academia. Among Glenn’s publications are an edited book published with Nova Publishers (Measuring Emotional Intelligence) and an edited book with Erlbaum (Mating Intelligence: Sex, Relationships, and the Mind’s Reproductive System – co-edited with Geoffrey Miller). Glenn is also co-author of Mating Intelligence Unleashed (co-written with Scott Barry Kaufman- published by Oxford University Press) as well as Evolutionary Psychology 101, published by Springer. Glenn also is co-author (with Sara Hall) of Straightforward Statistics: Understanding the Tools of Research – with Oxford University Press).

Glenn has appeared in such media venues as BBC World Radio, CBS Sunday Morning, Al Jazeera English, HuffPo Live, WAMC/NPR, NPR Wisconsin, AM 770 Calgary, and more. His work has appeared in such print and digital media as Scientific American Mind, Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Nature, New York Times, Washington Post, and The Atlantic as well as Yahoo News, Elle, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Health.

Glenn loves evolutionary psychology – and, with this in mind, he worked with Alice Andrews, Mike Camargo, Rose Chang, Gordon Gallup, Heather Mangione, Sarah Strout, and David Sloan Wilson (among others) to launch the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (NEEPS) in 2007. This society has grown, and Glenn thinks it’s the best evolutionary psychology society in the world!

In his effort to better integrate evolution into the behavioral sciences, Glenn has collaborated with David Sloan Wilson (and several other folks at Binghamton) to (a) develop SUNY New Paltz’s vibrant evolutionary studies program and (b) to expand evolutionary studies across the world of higher education. Toward this end, along with Jen Waldo of New Paltz, Glenn and David recieved a large National Science Foundation grant that made for great advances in the expansion of evolutionary studies in the USA and beyond.

Glenn also directs the New Paltz Evolutionary Psychology lab, which includes lots of students (both undergraduates and graduate students). In his words, “these students are awesome!”

Glenn has many hobbies, including hiking, running, weightlifting, cooking, tennis, racquetball, basketball, roller hockey, ice hockey, football, fishing, canoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, caving, swimming, travel, camping, and working on his blogs: Building Darwin’s Bridges (at evostudies.org) and Darwin’s Subterranean World for Psychology Today. He’s also lead guitar player for the Hudson Valley’s only all-professor punk rock band: Questionable Authorities.

Glenn lives in a house in the woods on the fringes of New Paltz, NY with his wife Kathy and their two children, Megan and Andrew – and several pets. They have a lot of fun together! glenngeher.com

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