Current Research

Selected Readings/Links for my Current Work on Mating Intelligence

∙ Glenn and Scott Barry Kaufman’s presentation on Mating Intelligence at Yale’s Sex Week (2/14/08)

∙ “Talking to Her” – a video written, produced, and directed by Justin Khoo

∙ Glenn’s Teaching Module on Mating Intelligence

∙ Click HERE to read about my Mating Intelligence research in the cover story of Psychology Today (January 2007; written by Kaja Perina)

∙ Geher, G. & Kaufman, S. B. (2007). The mating intelligence scale. Psychology Today, 40, 78-79.

∙ Youtube Videos of Glenn and Scott Barry Kaufman talking about mating intelligence at Yale’s 2008 Sex Week event (on Valentine’s Day!)

∙ PowerPoint presentation that I gave in 2006 at Binghamton University (as part of their Evolutionary Studies Seminar Series)

Geher, G., & Miller, G. F. (2008). Mating Intelligence: Sex, Relationships, and the Mind’s Reproductive System

∙ Geher, G. (2009). Accuracy and Oversexualization in Cross-Sex Mind-Reading: An Adaptationist Approach. Evolutionary Psychology, 7, 331-347.

∙ Cosmides and Tooby (2000)’s take on intelligence from a modularistic evolutionary perspective

∙ Keller, M., & Miller, G. F. (2006) — incorporating evolutionary genetics into evolutionary accounts of behavior (with a focus on sexual selection for fitness indicators and implications for abnormal psychology)

∙ Mayer & Geher (1996); Emotional Intelligence – potentially a model for mating intelligence

∙ Miller (2000); conceiving of intelligence as rooted in sexual selection processes

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