Kevin Caskey, PhD

Kevin Caskey
State University of New York

– Teaching
Teaching in the Business School Since 2001.
Previously, nearly 20 years as adjunct in US and Europe.
Courses include:

  • operations management
  • quantitative methods, statistics, management science
  • economics (micro, macro, and business)
  • computer science (distributed systems, decsion support systems)
  • electronic commerce
  • project management
  • entrepreneurship
– Industry
Engineer and analyst for a wide range of manufacturers, including:

  • aerospace
  • consumer goods
  • electronics
  • defence

Simulation specialist in aerospace R&D for nearly 10 years.
Have worked on a wide range of operational problems, including:

  • modeling and analysis of entire aluminum and saw mills
  • work analysis and improvement of machine operators and manufacturing areas
  • process redesign
  • statistical analysis
– Research
In industry, at universities, and in research institutes.
Projects include:

  • moving publication on-line
  • creating an online benchmarking community
  • multi-firm cooperation in industrial new product design
  • multi-firm cooperation in industrial new factory design
  • computer network security
  • helping small businesses adopt electronic commerce
  • logistics for small manufacturers
  • facilitating end-user input to new product design

Built consortia and acquired several research projects for Technology Management faculty at a technical university.
Restructured, took over management, and lead to a successful conclusion a multi-year research project involving 15 partners in 11 countries.

  • Industrial Engineering
    • B.S., Northeastern University
    • M.S., Stanford University
    • Ph.D., University of Washington
  • M.Sc. in Business Administration (Operations Research), University of British Columbia.
Consulting as member of aerospace consulting division and as an individual
Projects include:

  • aluminum mill scheduling and operations
  • food products manufacturing scheduling and capacity
  • research project evaluation
  • research grant application
  • statistical analysis
International experience have lived, worked, and studied in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.
Languages English, Dutch, and German

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