For Teachers

US History, Government, and Economics:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: RBG Article only, TAH

Women’s Rights: The Struggle Continues: C-TEN Units

Is our constitution undemocratic? NY Historical society Lesson, S14

School Funding

Property Taxes:

Diversity in Colonial America:

World History and Culture:

Women in Japan

Korean history

Scramble for AfricaSS Docket Scramble

Interpreting the present as an archeologist: Trends and Issues

Child Soldiers:

Slavery in the Hudson Valley:

***For more teaching resources, go to:

Lessons on Modern Africa

Independence: Africa Stations Activity, Independence Visions

How free is modern Africa? Africa WEBQUEST

What caused the downfall of apartheid? So. Africa History as Mystery

What caused genocide in Rwanda? Rwanda History as Mystery

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