Selected Talks, Workshops, and Conference Presentations

2020, Missing in Action: Africans in History Textbooks, American Educational Research Ass’n

2017:  Slander, slogans, and scenes: Using image and performance to teach the Chinese Cultural Revolution, NY Council for Social Studies

2017: Women and the Constitution, with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, NY Historical Society

2016: Lies documentaries tell: Teaching about US interventions in Latin America, National Council for Social Studies

2015: Is Our Constitution undemocratic? American Historical Association

2014: A ‘Teach-In’ with US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, NY Historical Society

2013: Dialogues among historians, teachers, and students: Innovative approaches to teaching and learning recent global history, National Council for Social Studies

2010: Education for transition: Service learning in Serbia, Comparative and International Education Society

2008: Bringing the story back into history: Teaching social studies to children with learning disabilities, National Council for Social Studies

2007: Teaching for democracy using diverse questioning strategies, Pedagogical Institute, University of Belgrade

2005: Friendly Africans, deceptive white men: Ghanaian narratives of the nation, New Paltz Writing Board Symposium

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