Upcoming Projects

(June 7th-9th, 2018): Dr. Gimeno will be a guest speaker at the 5th Annual International Conference of the International Association for Music and Medicine in Barcelona, Spain.

Summer Courses in Spain

  • Valencia (May 25-26, 2018): MED-GIM: Medical Applications of Guided Imagery and Music
  • Zaragoza (June 2018): Introductory course in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery in Music (BMGIM)
  • Madrid (July 2018):
    •  Level I GIM Training
    •  The Holo-Breath: an adaptation of the Bonny Method
    • Circles of the Self: assessment through Mandala drawing

July-August 2018: International Affairs with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi, Kerala and the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in China

Dr. Gimeno will be meeting with Dr. Shanti Nair, the dean of research at the Amrita Institute of Medical Science (AIMS) in Kochi, Kerala, India, to plan collaborative research between SUNY New Paltz and AIMS.

She is also responsible for international affairs in the Music Therapy program and is recruiting students from the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in China. She will be traveling to China to teach a class on Psychology of Music in America and introduce them to the SUNY New Paltz Music Therapy program.

September 2018: Dr. Gimeno will be presenting her work in Music Imagery Relaxation at the European Association for Music and Imagery.

November 2018: Dr. Gimeno will be presenting on communicating across cultures at the American Music Therapy Association

Winter Intensive (January 2019): Introduction to GIM (2 day-long course at l’Escola Superior de  Música de Catalunya, Barcelona)

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