I want a president…

Some of you may have noticed the handwritten poem on the wall in the main lobby of the Library during the week after the election. It went up as part of a spontaneous Zine-workshop created by librarians Madeline Veitch and Lydia Willoughby, Zine Library Intern Jasper Campos and students Emma Warde and Patrick Derilus (among others) in response to the election.

(I’m always thrilled when STL can serve as a focal point for conversation & creativity around vital events in our community!)

Zine pages created during the workshop will be compiled into a zine, edited by Jasper Campos, which can be checked out from the New Paltz Zine Library. If you contributed a page or would otherwise like a copy of your own, contact the zine library at zines@newpaltz.edu.

For those curious about that poem, here’s a little more information from Lydia:



The original text by Zoe Leonard | I want a president…






Pre-Election Day Performances on the High Line …  schenck-high-line-art-president-2016_10_10-dsc_8216-1024x684

Artists, musicians, and poets read and perform on the High Line in front of Zoe Leonard’s text work asking for a dyke for president.


Mykki Blanco recites ‘I Want A Dyke For President’Mykki Blanco recites ‘I Want A Dyke For President’

“I want a candidate who isn’t the lesser of two evils”. These are words published nearly 25 years ago by American artist and prominent Aids activist Zoe Leonard …

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