New Library Food Policy – a trial run

First the news: Today the Library launches a new pilot food policy – eliminating the long-standing “No Food” rule.  That policy has existed for as long as I’ve been here. And with a beautiful newly renovated space, there’s an understandable temptation to keep it unchanged. Coffee and pizza stains can make carpet and upholstery look pretty run down in a hurry.

But… why can’t we have a Library where everyone feels welcome, and more importantly, feels a shared ownership and pride in keeping it beautiful for the next generation?  In fact, knowing this campus as I do after four years, I believe we can!

New Library Food Policy Poster

So we’re pilot testing this idea to determine whether it can work for our community.  We’ll re-evaluate in the Spring.  Help us meanwhile by being sure to respect the space:

  • don’t bring in big messy meals
  • use the cleaning supplies located on every floor
  • let a staff member know if you see/make a spill

We have an amazingly hard-working (and friendly!) cleaning crew*. But they can’t do it all.  But we also have an amazing group of students, staff and faculty and together we can’t miss!

*I’ll introduce them in an upcoming post.

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