NEW: STL Food Policy

Sojourner Truth Library Food Policy

[This is a trial implementation.  The Library will evaluate its success in spring 2017.]

Sojourner Truth Library is a welcoming place.  Let’s keep it comfortable and clean.  You may bring snack foods and covered drinks into most library study areas, provided you are conscientious and clean up after yourself.

For this policy to work we need your help, so please:

  • Avoid foods that are messy, greasy, sticky, etc.
  • Keep liquids in a spill-proof container
  • Keep liquids away from computers and tabletop electrical outlets
  • Clean up after yourself and dispose of trash and recycling responsibly.
  • Report spills to library staff immediately

We reserve the right to ask you to remove food and/or beverages.

Thank you for helping to maintain our Library building and collections for those who come after us!”

Effective 12/7/2016

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