These days, I mainly write and (editors permitting) publish on the following themes:

  • dialectical materialism (of the Marxist sort)
  • socialism (especially ecosocialism)
  • soils (general aspects, acidification, contamination)
  • trace element contamination (heavy metals, metalloids)
  • urban agriculture
  • critical physical geography

I also write editorials and other bits for the journal Capitalism Nature Socialism, for which I am chief editor. Two books are forthcoming in 2021, if all goes well:

  • State Socialism and Environment. London: Pluto Press.
  • (With G. Martin) Urban Agriculture’s Limits: The Case for Ecosocialist Urban Food Production. London: Routledge.

Below, you can find some freely accessible manuscripts I have published, sometimes with others. For other writings, contact me to get a digital copy:



Ecology, Soils, and the Left: An Eco-Social Approach. New York: PalgraveMacMillan.

Edited Books


(With H. Bauder) Critical Geographies: A Collection of Readings. Kelowna: Praxis ePress.


The European’s Burden: Global Imperialism in EU Expansion. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Journal Articles

2021. Atmospheric Sources of Trace Element Contamination in Cultivated Urban Areas: A Review. Journal of Environmental Quality 50 (1): 38-48.

2020. The Troubling and Troublesome Worlds of Urban Soil Trace Element Contamination Baselines. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space 3 (1): 95-113.

A Radikális Baloldali Mozgalmak Perspektíváiról és Kilátásairól [Radical Leftist Movements’ Perspectives and Prospects]. Eszmélet 126.

2020. Learning Dialectics to Grow Better Soils Knowledge, not Bigger Crops: A Materialist Dialectics and Relationality for Soil Science. Capitalism Nature Socialism 31 (1): 52-69.

2019. Short-Term Acidification Detection in Soils along the Northern Dráva Floodplain (SW Hungary) by Means of Acid Neutralising Capacity (ANC) Analysis. Agrókémia és Talajtan 68 (Supplement): 24-39.

2019. Finding Dialectical Materialism through Soils Research. Human Geography 13 (2): 79-85.

2019. 生态社会主义的历史根源和目前动向 (The Historical Origin and Current Trend of Ecological Socialism). 理论与评论 (Theory and Review) 2019: 88-96.

2018. Urban Community Gardens, Commons, and Social Reproduction: Revisiting Silvia Federici’s Revolution at Point Zero. Gender, Place and Culture 25 (9): 1379-1390.

2018. An Exploratory Study of Potential As and Pb Contamination by Atmospheric Deposition in Two Urban Vegetable Gardens in Rome, Italy. Journal of Soils and Sediments 18 (2): 426-430.

2017. Dialectics and Biophysical Worlds. Science & Society 81 (3): 375–396.

2017. (With M. Rock, S. Chen, M. Iachetta, A. Mabey, K. McGill, and J. Zhao) Food Production in Chongqing, China: Opportunities and Challenges. Middle States Geographer 49: 55-62.

2015. From tacit to overt political commitments in physical geography. Progress in Physical Geography 39 (5): 18-24.

2015. (With C. Cattaneo) Urban squats as eco-social resistance to and resilience in the face of capitalist relations: Case studies from Barcelona and Rome. Partecipazione e Conflitto 8 (2): 343-366.

2014. (With K. Carroll) An African-centered approach to land education. Environmental Education Research 20 (1): 70-81.

2011. Minding history and world-scale dynamics in hazards research: The making of hazardous soils in The Gambia and Hungary. Journal of Risk Research 15 (10): 1319-1333.

2011. (Under Cynical Geographers Collective). Measuring impact beyond relative academic fame: An alternative social impact factor. Antipode 43 (2): 190-194.

2009. Seeing the Local in the Global: Political Ecologies, World-Systems, and the Question of Scale. Geoforum 40: 116-125.

2009. Natural Science Pedagogy and Anarchist Communism: Developing a Radical Curriculum for Physical Geography. Human Geography: A New Radical Journal 2 (2): 106-122.

2008. (With Harald Bauder) Knowledge Grab: Corporate Appropriation and Exploitation of Academic Geographers. Antipode 40 (5): 729-735.

2008. Class Struggles and Geography: Revisiting the 1886 Haymarket Square Police Riot. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 7 (1): 1-23.

2006. From organism to commodity: gender, class, and the development of soil science in Hungary, 1900-1989. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 24: 215-229.

2003. Disaggregating local knowledge: the effects of gendered farming practices on soil fertil­ity and soil reaction in SW Hungary. Geoderma 111 (3-4): 503-520.

2002. Gender relations, political economy, and the ecological consequences of state-socialist soil science. Capitalism Nature Socialism 51: 92-118.

2001. A szívós nemzeti állam: NATO-EU kapcsolatok, EU-bővítés, és a Balkán újrafelosztása [The persistent national state: NATO-EU relations, EU enlargement, and the reapportionment of the Balkans]. Replika 45-46: 45-60.

1999. A gender-sensitive methodology for research on soil management: a case study from Hungary. Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development 93(3/4): 157-162.

1998. Farming under a regime of harder work: ecological maintenance and degradation in the Ormányság, SW Hungary. Middle States Geographer 31: 45-53.

1998. Constructing the paleovegetational record for the buried soils in the Hungarian loess sequence: A view from phytolith analysis. In, M. Pécsi and F. Schweitzer (eds.). Concept of loess, loess-paleosol stratigraphy. LoessinForm 3. Budapest: Geographical Research Institute Hungarian Academy of Sciences, pp. 79-94.

Book Chapters

2020. Socialism and Communism. In, International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2nd edition, Volume 12, edited by A. Kobayashi, 271-280. Oxford: Elsevier.

2020. (With L. Van Sant) Soils and Commodification. In Thinking with Soils: Material Politics and Social Theory, edited by A. Krzywosynska, C. Granjou, M. Kearns, and J.F. Salazar, Chapter 4. London: Bloomsbury.

2020. (with T. Bellone, F. Fiermonte, E. Armano, and L. Quiquivix). Mapping as Tacit Representations of the Colonial Gaze. In Mapping Crisis: Participation, Datafication, and Humanitarianism in the Age of Digital Mapping, edited by D. Specht, Chapter 1. London: Human Rights Consortium, University of London.

2019. Urban Vegetable Garden Soils and Lay Public Education on Soil Heavy Metal Exposure Mitigation, In Green Technologies and Infrastructure to Enhance Urban Ecosystem Services. Proceedings of the smart and Sustainable Cities Conference 2018, edited by V.I. Vasenev, E. Dovletyarova, Zh. Cheng, R. Valentini, and C. Calfapietra, 221-226. Cham: Springer Geography.

2018. Soils in Eco-Social Context: Soil pH and Social Relations of Power in a Northern Drava River Floodplain Agricultural Area. In The Palgrave Handbook Critical Physical Geography, ed. R. Lave, C. Biermann, S. Lane, 393-419. New York: Palgrave.

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2014. (with C. Cattaneo) Squats in urban ecosystems: overcoming the social and ecological catastrophes of the capitalist city. In, Claudio Cattaneo and Miguel Martinez, eds. The Squatters’ Movement in Europe. Commons and Autonomy as Alternatives to Capitalism. London: Pluto Press, pp. 166-188.

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2004. Fertilizer (organic and inorganic). Market socialism. Salinisation. In, T. Forsyth (ed.). Encyclopedia of International Development. London: Routledge.

Book Reviews

2018. Capitalism in the Web of Life: Ecology and the Accumulation of Capital. Book by Jason Moore. Human Geography 11 (2): 72-76.

2011. War and Nature: The Environmental Consequences of War in a Globalized World. By Jurgen Brauer. Geographical Review 101: 3.

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2001. Libri e riviste [books and periodicals]: John Bellamy Foster, Marx’s Ecology. Materialism and Nature, Monthly Review Press, New York 2000. Liberazione, 25 March, 2001.

2001. Review essay. Sociologia Ruralis 41 (4): 495-500.

2001. John Bellamy Foster: Marx’s Ecology: Materialism and Nature. New York: Monthly Review Press, 2000. Capitalism Nature Socialism 12 (1): 150-160.

Other Writings

2021. Anti-Communism and the Hundreds of Millions of Victims of Capitalism. Capitalism Nature Socialism 32 (1):

2020. (with the Editors) Support for Black Lives Matter and the Uprisings in the US. Capitalism Nature Socialism31 (3):1-3.

2020. Raised Fists for Salvatore Ricciardi, Indefatigable Revolutionary and Prison Abolitionist. Capitalism Nature Socialism 31 (3): 16-19.

2019. (with D. Schwartzman) A Response to Giorgios Kallis’ Notions of Socialism and Growth. Capitalism Nature Socialism 30 (3): 40-51.

2019. James Richard O’Connor’s Ecological Marxism. Capitalism Nature Socialism 30 (4): 1-12.

2019. Nature Is Beyond Value Because We Are Part of Nature. Capitalism Nature Socialism 30 (2): 143-156.

2019. Endorsement for Ana Isla, ed. Climate Chaos: Ecofeminism and the Land Question. Toronto: Inanna Publications.

2018. Foreword. In David Schwartzman and Peter Schwartzman. The Earth Is Not for Sale: A Path out of Fossil Capitalism to the Other World That Is Still Possible. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.

2018. In Memoriam. Welcome to Golgonooza, Joel Stephen Kovel (27 August 1936 – 30 April 2018). Capitalism Nature Socialism 29 (2): 1-7.

2018. Endorsement for Melinda Kovács. Foreign Policy Discourses of the Obama Years. Lanham: Lexington Books.

2017. From the October Revolution to Revolutionary Rojava: An Ecosocialist Reading. Capitalism Nature Socialism 28 (4): 2-19.

2017. (with Barbara Laurence) In Memoriam James Richard O’Connor Capitalism Nature Socialism 28 (4): 1.

2016. The Enduring Relevance of State-Socialism. Capitalism Nature Socialism 27 (4): 1-15.

2016. Capitalism Nature Socialism. Ecología Política 25: 66-69.

2016. Ecological Civilisation and Ecosocialism. In 马克思主义与当代中国论丛第3辑[Collected Papers on Contemporary Chinese Marxism, Volume 3], 91-106. Beijing: Government Documents Press.

2015. Never Mind COP21, Here Came and Went the International Year of the Soil: Requiems, Symphonies, Rhapsodies. Capitalism Nature Socialism 26 (4): 127-140.

2015. Rojava. Capitalism Nature Socialism 26(1): 1-15.

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2014. Future Prospects for Capitalism Nature Socialism. Capitalism Nature Socialism 25 (4): 1-2.

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2013. Bridging Indigenous and Socialist Perspectives: An Introduction to the Special Issue. Capitalism Nature Socialism 24 (3): 141-146.

2013. Introduction to the Symposium: Hints of Post-Capitalist Prefiguration in Val di Susa (NW Italy). Capitalism Nature Socialism 24 (2): 7-13.

2013. Socialism and settler colonialism on Great Turtle Island. Capitalism Nature Socialism 24 (1): 1-5.

2012. Introduction to Degrowth Symposium. Capitalism Nature Socialism 23 (1): 26-29.

2012. Urban farming: the right to what sort of city? Capitalism Nature Socialism 23 (4): 1-9.

2012. Prison Abolition as an ecosocialist struggle. Capitalism Nature Socialism 23 (1): 1-5.

2012. La radicalización de la pedagogía en la geografía física. In, Susana Barrera Lobaton (ed.). Memorias. Seminario Geografía Crítica: Territorialidad, Espacio y Poder en América Latina. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, pp. 110-126.

2012. Towards much fuller, more politically engaged geographies. Antipode Symposium on PyGyRG’s ‘Communifesto for Fuller Geographies: Towards Mutual Security’, http://radicalantipode.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/engel-di-mauro-response1.pdf

2011. On ecosocialism, objectives, and the role of the natural sciences. Capitalism Nature Socialism 22 (3): 1-7.

2010. On the People’s Declaration from Klimaforum09. Capitalism Nature Socialism 21 (1): 37-40.

2008. Beyond the Barrows-McLaren Debate: The Importance of Studying the Rest of Nature in Formulating Alternative Curricula. Capitalism Nature Socialism 19 (2): 88-95.

2008. Class struggles and geography: revisiting the 1886 Haymarket Square massacre. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 7 (1): 1-23.

2006. Reflections on ‘The struggle against the rebel body’. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism 17 (3): 66-73.

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2005. Capitalist Expansionism, Imperialism, and the European Union. State of Nature 2, December 2005

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2001. (with M. de Kadt) Marx’s ecology or ecological Marxism? Failed promise. Capitalism Nature Socialism 45/12 (2): 50-56.

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