Welcome to Spring Semester 2014!

Tom in his elementWelcome (or welcome back, as the case may be). Spring semester promises to be an eventful one. Check out the SSE news feed and blog. We have a number of great seminars coming up.

As usual, I’m teaching Evolutionary Theory as well as the pre-Osteopathic seminars.

If you are trying to find me in CSB, I’m probably in my lab (the “bat cave”) in the basement of CSB OR (more likely)┬áin my office in REH (114).


For students interested in medical, optometry or dental school; in physical therapy or physician assistant programs; or one of the other allied health careers, I will be offering a 1 cr seminar this spring: BIO199-01, Pre-Health Career Seminar

Course Description: A course designed for students interested in learning about career options in the health sciences, including medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and physician assistant. The goal of the course is to provide students an introduction to the role of health care professionals in medicine and to provide background necessary for the student to successfully apply to professional school. Required for first year students in the BS/DO and BS/OD programs. Open to all others.



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