About Me

“The difference between theory and real life is that in theory, there is no
difference between theory and real life, but in real life … there is.” — Tien

I received BA and MA degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara and my PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior from Cornell. I have been at SUNY New Paltz since January 1998 and have been the Chair of the Department of Biology and since January 2013 I have been Associate Dean of the School of Science and Engineering. I have been director of the dual degree (BS/DO and BS/OD) medical programs from 1999 to 2014.

My research and teaching interests include the evolution of animal behavior; neuroethology (the neural basis of natural, adaptive behavior); behavioral physiology; sensory mechanisms and integration; chemical defenses; mathematical modeling of neural networks; and the development of learning in invertebrates.

A description of my ongoing research programs can be accessed by clicking here —> Research.

Links to current course information, syllabi, lecture schedules, reading assignments, study guides and sample exam questions can be accessed by clicking here —> Course Info.

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University
M.A. Organismal Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara
B.A. Aquatic Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, Yale University
Grass Fellow, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
S.W. Kuffler Fellow, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Miami
Member, Board of Directors, Catskill-Hudson Area Health Education Center (CHAHEC)
Charter Member, Woods Hole Branch of Tappa Kegga Bru

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